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Virtual Consultation in Reno, NV

Dr. Bonaldi values the importance of meeting his new and returning patients for a face-to-face interview where concerns, goals, and expectations can be discussed. He also understands the difficulty of an in-person consultation for out-of-town patients who are traveling to Reno, Nevada, for their surgical procedure. Instead of requiring two trips, Dr. Bonaldi offers online virtual consultations for patients who are looking for information prior to being able to come to Reno for an in-person consultation. This virtual meeting gives every patient an opportunity to connect and consult with Dr. Bonaldi about your desired surgical procedure.

If you are from out of town or your hectic schedule doesn’t allow for a face-to-face meeting, a virtual consultation with Dr. Bonaldi is the ideal way to discuss your needs and determine the next steps for your plastic surgery procedure.

How Do I Schedule a Virtual Consultation With Dr. Bonaldi?

Just as you would call Dr. Bonaldi’s office to schedule an in-person appointment, you can also call our office to schedule a virtual consultation. Once you have established the date and time, a member of our staff will send you any pertinent information you need for your online consultation.

Contact Dr. Bonaldi for a virtual consultation today by calling our office at (775) 828-7400.

Why Should I Consider a Virtual Consultation With Dr. Bonaldi?

Dr. Bonaldi understands that his clients have many reasons for reaching out to him via the internet. Some men and women are located outside of Reno; others are tied up with work or family obligations that prevent a face-to-face meeting. If you cannot visit Dr. Bonaldi at his office, you can still learn more about Dr. Bonaldi, how he will address your surgical needs, and what you can expect with your procedure with a virtual consultation.

Through a virtual consultation, you can obtain the answers to your questions, decipher whether or not you are a candidate, and learn of additional techniques or procedures that may be recommended to provide superior results.

What Do I Need for My Virtual Consultation?

To get started with your virtual consultation, you will need a computer or smartphone with secured internet access.

You may be asked to submit photos of your desired treatment area, such as the breasts, abdomen, or face. These photos should be very recent and include a front, side, and ¾ view. Dr. Bonaldi will reference these photos when discussing your potential procedure with you.

Will I Still Need an In-Person Consultation?

While most of your questions can be answered with a virtual consultation, Dr. Bonaldi will still need to meet with you in-person before your surgical procedure can be performed. This can often be accomplished when you arrive in Reno for your surgery.

The in-person consultation will allow Dr. Bonaldi to finalize your surgical plan and answer any last-minute questions.

Schedule Your Virtual Consultation Today!

If you are considering a surgical or non-surgical procedure with Dr. Bonaldi, contact our Reno, Nevada, office today to get started. You can call our office at (775) 828-7400.