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Skin Care

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials

Results you can see and feel while being indulgently pampered.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials - Featured Model

Intraceuticals uses Hyaluronic layering to deliver deep hydration, vitamins, peptides and botanicals to the skin. Applied with pure oxygen, the skin is lifted, plumped, and firmer to the touch with a lustrous glow.


60 MIN | $165

Pure hydration, vitamins, antioxidants and green tea promote cell renewal while hydrating and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Skin looks more vital and firmer, with a lift after one treatment.


30 MIN | $65

Skin Type: All – ideal for: fine lines and wrinkles, expression lines, prematurely aging skin.

With a natural amino peptide complex, this express treatment is designed to smooth the forehead, soften eye contour and immediately plump the lips for a dramatic age-defying result. The perfect wow effect for any special occasion!


120 MIN | $365

Get the best of all worlds – Treatment begins with a dermaplane to ready the skin for this incredible experience, followed by the powers of the Rejuvenate and Atoxelene serums. These superpowers instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the power of targeted peptides in Atoxelene while Rejuvenate helps to hydrate, lift and firm for more defined facial contours. A special Booster of your choice is the grande finale. This is the perfect pre-wedding, party, or special event facial treat.


(purchase 6 treatments and receive 4 full size products at our cost)

The results of the Intraceuticals treatments are accumulative and continue to improve with repeated application. A course of six applications over six weeks is recommended to achieve optimum results. Following this and to maintain results, applications will only be required every four to six weeks.



The results of the Red Carpet Treatments are accumulative and continue to improve with repeated application. A course of six applications over six weeks is recommended to achieve optimum results. Following this and to maintain results, applications will only be required every four to six weeks.


  • ANTIOXIDANT+ booster

    • Revitalizes skin, calms visible redness. Australian Kakadu plum extract, a super antioxidant with ten times more Vitamin C than an orange, helps with puffiness and acts as a detox treatment for stressed skin. The perfect antidote for those that burn the candle at both ends!
  • ACOLLAGEN + booster

    • The ultimate in anti aging for the whole complexion. Collagen peptides promote tighter, firmer skin, boost volume and enhance the facial contours.
  • VITAMIN C + booster

    • Works on the visible signs of sun damage. Perfect for travel weary skin or skin lacking in vitality.
  • VITAMIN A + booster

    • Promotes a clearer, more refined skin, smoothes texture and refines pore size. Release on demand Vitamin A promotes cell renewal for a visibly healthier skin.



“My Intraceuticals treatment kept me glowing throughout my 20 hour photo session.”

Jessica Biel – Actress

“Intraceuticals has transformed my skin. Thank you! xoxo”

Naomi Campbell – Supermodel

“Thank you Intraceuticals. When constantly travelling I get dehydrated and Intraceuticals is an absolute necessity to replenish my skin”.

Miley Cyrus

“I love Intraceuticals it keeps my skin healthy and fresh”

Kathy Hilton

“I know I can count on Intraceuticals when I need to be instantly glowing and looking my best for that special occasion xxoo ”

Kim Kardashian

“I love the Intraceuticals Facial Treatments. Getting them makes me feel so rejuvenated and refreshed. xo”.

Eva Longoria – Actress

“The treatments are a necessity before every major event”.

Justin Timberlake – Artist

“It makes my skin look dope”.

Katy Perry – Artist

“I use Intraceuticals oxygen skin treatment to hydrate my skin and give me that fresh, well slept glowing look before any performance or appearance”.

Miranda Kerr – Victoria Secrets Model

“Intraceuticals facials leave my skin glowing and radiant! Thank you”.

Mezhgan Hussainy – Leading Makeup Artist American Idol

“Intraceuticals treatments do what no other product on the market can do! I’ve watched skin’s look and feel change right before my eyes. The treatments instant results make it a must have backstage at American Idol”

Fergie – Artist & Actress

“Thank you Intraceuticals. When I’m on the road it’s important to take care of my skin”.

Molly Sims – Actress

“Thank you Intraceuticals for a flawless and glowing appearance every time.”

Robin Thicke – Artist

“For a smooth soulful performance every time..I dig Intraceuticals!”

Jessica Stam – Model

“Intraceuticals treatments makes my skin glow and look perfect without makeup.”

Steven Klein – Creative Photographic Artist

“The Intraceuticals treatment helps capture the very essence of the most beautiful subjects”.

Michelle Peck – Hollywood Skin Specialist

“In just one 30 minute treatment, skin looks and feels rejuvenated, radiant, moisturized and fresh”.

Gina Brooke – Hollywood Makeup Artist

“The Intraceuticals treatment is the most effective way to achieve beautiful skin and flawless results.”

Bob Harper – The Biggest Loser USA Personal Trainer

“After having one treatment,I realized that I can’t live with out it!! My schedule with traveling and working out, and sometimes a lack of sleep, I start feeling and looking a little worn out and this treatment puts the life back in my face. It’s a miracle!!”


Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Treatment Brochure

Rachel Zoe – Fashion Stylist to the Stars

“Travelling and keeping my hectic schedule can be exhausting, but an Intraceuticals treatment keeps my skin looking well rested and glowing. I can’t live without it!”

Byron Williams – Celebrity Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

“I love Intraceuticals treatments – it’s the Hollywood insiders secret to a healthy and glowing complexion.”

Channing Tatum – Actor

“To Intraceuticals there are things that I have found to help me and then there is Intraceuticals… changed me!”

Jenna Dewan Tatum – Actress

“I travel a lot and put a lot of stress on my skin as an actress, Intraceuticals treatments is a life saver. My skin literally glows from it! Thank you.”

Preity Zinta – Bollywood Actress

“I always want to look my best on the red carpet. Intraceuticals treatmentss are the perfect way to make my skin glow.”

Crina Matei – Romanian Actress

“Not just a necessity but a joy and a treat for my skin. All these in just one word: Intraceuticals.”

Mette Bloch World Champion Rower Denmark

“Intraceuticals O2…. 2 B in Heaven! A breathe of fresh air that works”

Malika Ayane

“Before meeting Intraceuticals I didn’t really know what oxygen was. Thanks”

Stacy London What Not To Wear’ USA.

“Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment provides radiant, glowing skin! It is an essential for me! .”

Simona Patruleasa TV Celebrity Romania.

“After just one treatment you look very relaxed like you`ve just slept for 20 hours and your skin is very soft. It`s a miracle! Your skin needs this vitamin complex each and every day to look that good .”

Armie Hammer Actor

“Intraceuticals for president”

Paula Patton Actress

“With Intraceuticals treatments I always look and feel my best! “