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Post-Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Losing a dramatic amount of weight can leave you feeling healthy and more alive. However, many men and women are unprepared for the large folds of excess skin that often develop after massive weight loss. While your hard work has shed fat and built muscle, there isn’t an exercise or diet that can prevent sagging skin. After losing a significant amount of weight, unwanted folds of skin and fat can obscure the new, amazing contours of your body. Contouring your body after massive weight loss can reveal a fit, firm, and more toned you.

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Who Can Benefit?

Folds of Skin

  • Your skin is like a rubber band. However, when your skin is stretched too far and for too long, it cannot regain its original shape.
  • After massive weight loss, most patients retain extra weight in the form of redundant folds of skin.
  • Excess skin can keep you looking flabby and prevent you from showing off the strong muscles you’ve worked hard to develop.

Excess Fat Deposits

  • While you may lose a significant amount of fat throughout your weight loss journey, stubborn deposits of fat can remain, affecting the quality of your weight loss results.
  • Since spot-reducing fat through diet and exercise is a myth, many people are unsuccessful at losing these unwanted areas of fat accumulation.
  • Excess fat may be preventing you from achieving your goal weight by 30 to 50 pounds.

Multiple Areas of Correction

  • Poor body contour is rarely localized to one zone.
  • Patients who require abdominal improvements may also need correction of the arms, neck, or chest.
  • Treating multiple areas during one procedure helps ensure the best looking results possible.

What do you desire?

Flatter Abdomen

The abdomen is a primary concern for most patients following weight loss. Your excess abdominal skin can look like a sack, with your belly button in a lower position. If you have worked hard to develop your abdominal muscles, you want to be able to reveal a flatter, more toned mid-section. An extended tummy tuck can provide you with the results you desire.

Sculpted Waist

Tissue accumulation along the waist and hips can obscure the attractive definition many patients, especially women, are attempting to achieve. Removing this unwanted skin and fat during an extended tummy tuck can help provide more definition and attractive curves in women and create a leaner, more tapered waist in men.

Slimmer Arms

Flabby arms are a common complaint among people who have lost a significant amount of weight. Low-hanging tissue that creates a bat wing appearance prevents many patients from wearing the clothing styles they want. In some cases, this excess skin causes painful irritation. Choosing arm lift surgery as a part of your post-weight loss contour can restore slimmer arms.

Firmer Breasts/Chest

Sagging tissue along the chest is common for both men and women after losing weight. In women, drooping breasts can create an unattractive appearance. A breast lift is designed to reposition sagging breasts for a perkier and more youthful appearance. In men, sagging chest skin can displace the areola, robbing them of a masculine contour. Removing excess chest tissue can create a more defined chest.

Defined Face

A double chin can turn into excess submental skin following weight loss, and this lack of facial definition may not reflect the leaner contours you have achieved throughout the rest of your body. Excess neck skin is especially common in older patients who suffer from natural age-related facial laxity. A neck lift can recontour your neck and chin, which will add better facial definition and restore a leaner, younger-looking neck profile.

Addressing Your Concerns


The length of your recovery will vary depending on the number and type of procedures you undergo. Immediately following your surgery, you will experience some bruising and swelling. You will wear a compression garment in the weeks following your surgery to ensure the best results possible. Most patients may resume normal activity within two weeks of their procedure and resume more vigorous physical exercise after four to six weeks. Although you may feel sore initially, you will begin to feel lighter and leaner as the swelling starts to subside.


Although Dr. Bonaldi does his best to place incisions in discreet locations whenever possible, a full circumferential tummy tuck requires an incision around the entire abdomen. The incision and resulting scar can be hidden under clothing, and the scar will likely fade over time. Most patients say the scar is minor in comparison to the dramatic results they achieve.


The cost of post-massive weight loss surgery is decided on a patient-by-patient basis. Surgical, facility and anesthesia fees, as well as the type and number of procedures, will affect the cost of your treatment. We will provide you with the cost for your procedure during your initial consultation.


Prescription oral medication will help alleviate any associated pain during your recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a candidate for post-massive weight loss surgery?

    Patients considering surgery should be within 30 pounds of their goal weight and have maintained a stable weight for six months to one year. Additional weight fluctuations following surgery can affect the quality of your results.

  • What type of anesthesia is used during my surgery?

    General anesthesia is administered to ensure patient safety and comfort.

  • Will my results be immediately noticeable?

    You will notice an immediate change in the shape and feel of your body, and you will see more dramatic results as the swelling subsides. Subtle changes to your appearance will continue to occur for nine months to one year.

  • I’ve lost weight, and now my breasts are smaller than before. Will a breast lift help?

    A breast lift won’t restore volume to the breasts. Please discuss your fuller breast desires with Dr. Bonaldi during your initial consultation. A breast augmentation may provide you with the breast appearance you desire.

  • What complications can develop after surgery?

    Bleeding and infection are risks in all surgeries. Excess fluid accumulation called seromas can also occur. More severe complications are rare, and carefully following your postoperative instructions can minimize your risk of complications.

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