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Eyelid Lift

The eyes are typically the first facial features people notice. They are also the first facial features that show signs of aging. The natural aging process breaks down the delicate tissue around the eyes, resulting in drooping skin and unwanted puffiness that give a fatigued and stern appearance. Sometimes, severe eyelid sagging can even impair vision. During eyelid lift surgery, the upper and lower eyelids are sculpted to open the eyes and improve both form and function. Eyelid lift surgery revitalizes the eyes for the youthful, vivacious look you yearn for.

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What Can Eyelid Lift Surgery Correct?

Puffy Lower Eyelids

Fat deposits develop in the lower eyelids over time, exacerbating under-eye bags and making the eyes appear puffy. During eyelid lift surgery, fat under the eye is removed or reshaped to refresh puffy eyes. Sometimes, excess skin is also removed to achieve optimal results.

Tired and Aged Eyes

Tired and aged eyes can damage confidence and interfere with how accurately emotions are expressed. Eyelid lift surgery firms loose eyelid skin and smooths fine lines for a rejuvenated facial aesthetic.

Excess Upper Eyelid Skin

Excess skin that hangs over the natural upper eyelid crease creates undesirable folds that may obstruct vision. Eyelid lift surgery comes with both the aesthetic benefit of brighter eyes and the functional benefit of restored peripheral vision.

Eyelid Lift Options

Upper Eyelid Lift

  • Focuses on removal of excess skin
  • Corrects excessive eyelid skin that hangs over the natural crease
  • Fatty tissue and excess skin are removed to brighten the eyes
  • Peripheral vision is restored in cases where the sagging upper eyelid has caused vision obstruction
  • Incision lies along the natural crease of the upper eyelid

Lower Eyelid Lift

  • Focuses on removal of fat deposits
  • Corrects sagging and puffiness under the eyes
  • Fat is either removed or reshaped for the desired effect
  • Skin is tightened to smooth fine lines
  • Muscle laxity may also be corrected if necessary
  • Incision lies along the lash line

Addressing Your Concerns


Patients can expect to go back to work after eyelid surgery within seven to 10 days. It is recommended that patients wear dark sunglasses for a few weeks after eyelid lift surgery to protect the eyes from irritation. Dr. Bonaldi will determine your recovery time frame during your consult visit.


Any scars that result from eyelid lift surgery are hidden in the natural creases of the eyelids. Usually, the scars go completely unnoticed after they have healed.


The cost of eyelid lift surgery varies depending on the technique(s) used, anesthesia fees, and surgical facility. During your consult visit, Dr. Bonaldi will provide you with a cost estimate based on your individual needs.


Pain after this procedure is minimal. It can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, but be sure to avoid medications that may increase bleeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between local and general anesthesia?

    Local anesthesia refers to the injection of lidocaine to numb the surgical site, but it may also include “twilight sleep” sedation through an IV. General anesthesia completely sedates the patient throughout the entire procedure. Typically, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

  • How long will my eyelid lift results last?

    While eyelid lift surgery reverses certain signs of aging in the eyes, it does not halt it. Longevity of eyelid lift results can be prolonged with adequate eye protection. Patients can protect their new eyes by wearing proper sunglasses and SPF 30 sunscreen when exposed to sunlight.

  • What are the risks and complications associated with eyelid lift surgery?

    Some complications related to eyelid lift surgery are dry eyes, blurry vision, and difficulty keeping the eyes closed. Most of these potential complications are mild and temporary.

  • When will I see the results of my eyelid lift surgery?

    The eyes will appear more open and more youthful after the swelling goes down. It can take anywhere between several days to several weeks depending on how each patient responds to surgery.

  • Do I need upper eyelid lift surgery, a lower eyelid lift surgery, or a different facial rejuvenation procedure?

    Dr. Bonaldi will evaluate your needs and goals during your consultation to determine which techniques are most appropriate to achieve your unique goals. You may undergo upper eyelid lift surgery and lower eyelid lift surgery simultaneously, but some patients only require one or the other. You may also combine eyelid lift surgery with other procedures such as brow lift surgery if necessary.

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