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Face Procedure

Eyelid Lift

For drooping or tired looking eyelids that cause vision problems or simply dissatisfaction in your appearance. Upper and/or lower eyelids can be sculpted to open the eye and improve both form and function.


About the procedure: Typically this procedure is performed in our surgery center under general anesthetic but can be performed in our office in select situations. Discreet incisions are made, skin is tightened and orbital fat is either reshaped or removed, and sutures are put in place to create the desired effect.

Time of Procedure

This procedure takes 1 hour. Allow 1 hour for recovery before going home.

Recovery Time

Eyelid Lift to Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery
Blephoraplasty – (Upper Eyes)

For this procedure the upper eyelid stiches are very small and come out on day 4. Depending on your profession and need for personal discretion you may need to allow 7-10 days before returning to work however many patients are wearing make-up by the 8th day. A consult visit with our doctor will determine your personal timeframe.

Blephoraplasty – (Lower Eyes)

For this procedure you can expect some small bruising under the eyes that can easily be covered with our Jane Iredale Corrective Cove up. Stitches are extremely small and are removed at days 4-6.

Typical Results

Eyes will appear more open and more youthful after the swelling goes down. As always, results may vary. Consult your doctor for a realistic expectation of your personal outcome.


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