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Microneedling can brighten and revitalize aged or discolored skin by creating micro injuries that stimulate cell regeneration. Patients can achieve superior facial rejuvenation effects by pairing their microneedling treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to minimize the appearance of fine lines, scars, and poor skin tone. PRP is harvested from the patient during a standard blood drawing procedure and triggers the body’s regenerative responses when used with microneedling. Our medical aestheticians perform PRP/microneedling treatments to deliver natural, non-surgical, and long-lasting results.

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Benefits of PRP/Microneedling Treatment

Smoother Skin

PRP/microneedling treatment utilizes the healing properties of platelet-rich plasma to boost collagen production and repair damaged or aging tissues. The skin rebuilds healthy cells that help smooth and plump the treated areas.

A Brighter Complexion

Dull or lifeless skin can produce a displeasing appearance. PRP/microneedling restores a patient’s skin to create a bright and attractive complexion with an even skin tone.

A Youthful Aesthetic

Superficial skin imperfections can contribute to a prematurely aged aesthetic. Patients who undergo PRP/microneedling treatments experience natural and lasting rejuvenation that turns the clock back on facial aging.

PRP/Microneedling Procedure

During the consultation appointment, you will have the chance to discuss your objectives and concerns. Before your PRP/microneedling procedure, your condition will be thoroughly evaluated to determine the ideal treatment that will address your unique needs.

PRP Harvesting

  • Blood is harvested directly from the patient using a traditional hypodermic needle
  • The blood is purified to extract the valuable platelet-rich plasma


  • The microneedling device creates small punctures in the surface of the skin
  • PRP is applied to these micro wounds, where they can enter the treated areas with ease

Tissue Regeneration

  • This treatment boosts the healing process and triggers tissue regeneration
  • As the skin heals, new cells are created, replacing the aged or dull tissues
  • Patients can expect results to continue to improve over time

Addressing Your Concerns


There is no significant downtime required after PRP/microneedling. All normal activities can be continued following treatment, but the treated areas will likely appear red for approximately two days.


No incisions are created during this procedure, so most PRP/microneedling patients do not develop any scars. Patients who are prone to hypertrophic scarring should discuss this with one of our medical aestheticians during their consultation.


Each PRP/microneedling treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs, so the cost varies on a case-by-case basis. The number or size of the treated areas, for example, will affect the total price. An accurate cost will be determined at the initial consultation appointment.


Mild tenderness may occur after PRP/microneedling treatment, but this should resolve within one or two days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What results can I expect after PRP/microneedling treatment?

    Because this treatment stimulates the body’s natural tissue regeneration responses, results can be long lasting. To maintain the effects of this procedure, it is recommended to schedule follow-up treatments at least once per year, use proper sun protection, and adopt a healthy skincare regimen.

  • How many PRP/microneedling appointments will I need?

    Many patients can achieve beautiful results with just one appointment, but some may need multiple sessions to reach their cosmetic goals. The number of treatments you need will be determined during the consultation appointment.

  • Am I a candidate for PRP/microneedling treatment?

    Men and women who are concerned about superficial skin concerns may qualify for PRP/microneedling treatment. Ideal candidates must be healthy and have realistic expectations of their results.

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