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A large nose, a flat nose, a crooked nose, large nostrils… each of these is a common complaint about the appearance and structure of the nose. Many people are dissatisfied with the look of their nose and wish that they could improve it. Rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to refine the appearance of your nose so that it looks more attractive and proportionate with the other features of your face.

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Who Can Benefit?

Slim Nose and Bridge

Rhinoplasty can improve nasal prominence and definition for those whose noses look too slim or who lack definition in their nasal bridge.

Asymmetrical Features

Rhinoplasty can straighten a crooked or asymmetrical nose so that the whole face appears more symmetrical and balanced.

Large or Beaked Nose

Rhinoplasty can minimize the appearance of a large or beaked nose so that it blends well with the other facial features.

Wide or Flat Nose

Rhinoplasty can increase forward projection or prominence of a wide or flat nose so that your profile looks more natural, defined, and attractive.

Injured Nose

Rhinoplasty can correct nasal injuries that have altered the nasal structure or the appearance of the nose. With Dr. Bonaldi’s artistic skills, the nose can look as though it was never injured in the first place.

Large or Small Nostrils

Rhinoplasty can resize and improve the appearance of nostrils that are too large, too small, or otherwise out of balance with the rest of the nose and facial features.

Nasal Tip

Rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of a bulbous, drooping, or poorly defined nasal tip.

Nasal Breathing Difficulty

Rhinoplasty can be accompanied by septoplasty, which alters the internal structures of the nose to improve nasal breathing.

Congenital Deformities or Disfigurements

Rhinoplasty can correct congenital deformities or disfigurements so that the nose looks more natural and attractive.

Previous Rhinoplasty Disasters

Revision rhinoplasty can correct previous rhinoplasty disasters that did not lead to your desired results.


Rhinoplasty can restore self-confidence by refining your nose so that it flatters your facial features.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is performed in our general surgery center with the patient under general anesthesia. The procedure lasts approximately one to three hours. Generally speaking, Dr. Bonaldi will make a small incision and reshape the cartilage and/or nasal bone and tissues to achieve the desired cosmetic results.

The rhinoplasty procedure requires a great deal of artistic talent and experience to achieve quality results. Dr. Bonaldi takes great care to create your desired aesthetic in a way that flatters your face. There is not one “ideal” nose that would look good on every face, but Dr. Bonaldi will use rhinoplasty to refine your nose so that it blends masterfully with your other facial features.

Addressing Your Concerns


Your nose will be employed with an external splint to be worn for about one week after your surgery. Once the splint has been removed, you will likely be able to return to normal activities and work. Depending on the amount of adjustments performed, swelling may be detectable for a period of two weeks up to three months after surgery. Tenderness and bruising should subside within one to three weeks.


Much of the adjustments and tissue manipulations in rhinoplasty are performed inside the nose, leaving no noticeable scarring. If anything, you may be left with a small scar at the base of the columella between the nostrils. This scar will be inconspicuous and will fade over time.


Rhinoplasty is tailored to each candidate’s needs, and as such, the cost will vary from patient to patient. At your consultation, you will be provided with a price quote so that you can know what to expect.


General anesthesia ensures patient comfort during the procedure. When the anesthesia wears off, patients may experience some bruising, swelling, and tenderness. Pain medications can alleviate any discomfort, and all of these side effects will subside with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any risks with rhinoplasty?

    All surgeries are accompanied by an element of risk. Individuals who smoke, drink excessively, or do not disclose their medical history to Dr. Bonaldi may have a greater risk of complications such as infections and increased swelling. Another risk is that the results may not be what you expected. It is important to have realistic expectations and recognize that it will take approximately nine months to see the final results after surgery.

  • When can I undergo revision rhinoplasty?

    If you would like Dr. Bonaldi to perform revision rhinoplasty, you should wait at least a full year after your previous rhinoplasty. This will give your nasal tissues time to fully heal and adjust to their new form so that they are prepared to withstand the secondary procedure.

  • When will I see the final results?

    Full results from rhinoplasty are expected to be visible within nine months of surgery.

  • Will rhinoplasty affect my sense of smell?

    Because the nasal tissues swell after surgery, your sense of smell may be temporarily affected for about three to six weeks. As the swelling subsides, your sense of smell should return to normal.

  • Can rhinoplasty give me any nose I want?

    It is important for rhinoplasty candidates to realize that rhinoplasty cannot and should not give you any nose you want. Dr. Bonaldi will focus on working with your anatomic realities and achieving an attractive aesthetic that will refine your nose so that it looks well-proportioned with all of your facial features.

  • What if I don’t know what is needed to make my nose look better?

    Dr. Bonaldi is highly experienced in helping patients come to a decision on how to improve the appearance of their nose. During your consultation, Dr. Bonaldi will offer his valuable perspective and expertise about what nasal adjustments will improve not only the appearance of your nose but also your overall appearance by association. The use of the 3 dimensional imaging system is very helpful in determining your desires and realistic outcome.

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