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Body Contouring

Many patients who long for a slimmer, sleeker physique can feel overwhelmed by the idea of surgical treatment. Sometimes it is due to time constraints that do not allow for lengthy recovery, and sometimes it is due to simply not wanting to undergo major surgery. Fortunately, Dr. Louis A. Bonaldi offers his patients a combination of non-surgical body contouring technologies called “Vanquish ME Trio” to comfortably eliminate stubborn fat deposits and create a smooth silhouette.

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What Can Be Achieved With “Vanquish ME Trio”?

Fat Removal

Stubborn abdominal fat troubles many individuals, even after dedicated dieting and exercising. “Vanquish ME Trio” targets unwanted fatty deposits in the midsection without the need for incisions or general anesthesia, giving patients a more slender abdomen without the discomforts of surgery. With “Vanquish ME Trio” body contouring treatment, patients can enjoy the silhouette they desire.

Skin Tightening

Skin laxity can compromise the results of fat loss and produce an unsatisfying skin texture. There are some options out there for skin tightening that are uncomfortable and inconsistent; however, “Vanquish ME Trio” uses non-invasive technologies to tighten the skin at the treatment site, complementing fat removal and improving skin quality safely and effectively.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a body concern that can affect all body types. Some believe that undergoing liposuction will smooth out their cellulite, but that is not always the case. Many patients benefit most from advanced non-surgical approaches to cellulite treatment like “Vanquish ME Trio,” which tackles several issues simultaneously.

“Vanquish ME Trio” Body Contouring Technologies

BTL Vanquish Me™

  • Full flank to flank circumferential body treatment
  • Disrupts fatty cells using thermal energy, shrinking and eliminating the cells
  • No risk of adipose hyperplasia (like with tissue freezing)

BTL Exilis™

  • Skin tightening using radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound treatment
  • EFC™ (Energy Flow Control) provides sophisticated delivery of RF
  • Energy is monitored and adjusted throughout treatment

Z Wave

  • Breaks up fat and cellulite using sound waves
  • Increases metabolic rate, lymphatic drainage, and blood circulation
  • Can be used alone as well as part of a combination treatment

Addressing Your Concerns


There is no downtime after treatment with “Vanquish ME Trio.” Patients can resume their normal activities immediately afterward, and any pinkness or tenderness of the skin should dissipate after 24 hours.


Non-surgical body contouring is completely scarless. There are no incisions required for treatment, so the skin remains intact the entire time.


The cost of non-surgical body contouring varies depending on the technique(s) used. During your consult visit, your technician will provide you with a cost estimate based on your individual needs.


It is uncommon for patients to experience pain after “Vanquish ME Trio” treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of anesthesia is used during “Vanquish ME Trio” treatment?

    There is no anesthesia used during “Vanquish ME Trio” treatment, as the procedure is painless.

  • When will I see results from my treatment?

    You may be able to see some changes two to three weeks after the first or second session, but most patients notice final results three to six months after treatment.

  • Are the results from “Vanquish ME Trio” permanent?

    Because the fat cells targeted during this treatment are destroyed, they will not return. As a result, the outcome is permanent as long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • What sets apart “Vanquish ME Trio” from tissue freezing treatments?

    “Vanquish ME Trio” utilizes radiofrequency and sound wave technologies, so there is no pain like there can be with tissue freezing treatments. “Vanquish ME Trio” also tends to cost less and be more effective than these alternative treatments.

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