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Should You Go on a Crash Diet Before Your Plastic Surgery?

Posted December 08, 2022 in Preparing for Plastic Surgery

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It goes without saying that undergoing a plastic surgery procedure is not a decision that you make on a whim. Instead, you should truly consider whether you are ready for the life-changing effects that come with cosmetic surgery procedures

Once that decision is made, you need to make sure that your body is ready to undergo the procedure to ensure your health and the best results possible.

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One of the most important aspects of preparing for plastic surgery is to be at or near your ideal weight. Regardless of what procedure, being near your ideal weight can help keep you safer and healthier (during and after the procedure) and can help you achieve the kind of results you desire. 

However, the question often becomes: What are the best ways to achieve that ideal weight? 

Well, this blog will explore that question and offer advice on what to do and what to avoid.

Why Is It Important to Be at an Ideal Weight?

One of the main criteria for being a plastic surgery candidate is being in good general health. One of the best ways to gauge a patient’s health is their weight (more specifically, their BMI). 

BMI stands for “body mass index” and is a calculation of the amount of body fat a person has. You can find your BMI by using this calculator.

When you have a stable weight and normal BMI, you will be in better health, which is the most important aspect to your well-being. However, in addition to your overall health, being at or near your ideal weight can help limit complications during surgery (obese patients have a higher risk of complications during surgery, including complications with blood flow and blood clots and longer healing and recovery times). 

Additionally, being at your ideal weight can help your short-term and long-term results. That is because your results are catered to your body weight at the time of surgery, so any fluctuations in weight after your procedure (either up or down) can negatively impact your stunning results.

What Kind of Diet Should I Go On?

Whether it’s a standalone procedure like tummy tuck surgery or a combined procedure like Mommy Makeover surgery, if you are preparing for plastic surgery and want to lose weight, then you need to decide how to do so. 

As we all know, there are many diets out there, from fad diets to crash diets, so choosing the right one is difficult and daunting. 

What Diets Should You Stay Away From?

Many prospective patients think that crash diets are the way to go. 

A crash diet is one that promotes rapid weight loss and is achieved by severely limiting the amount of calories you intake per day. However, this type of diet has many, many problems. 

Crash diets are also known as “semi-starvation diets,” and this name alone goes to show that they are not the smartest choice. While you can achieve fast results with a crash diet, your results are often short term and cannot be sustained over time. Additionally, crash diets can take a major toll on your heart, and you can lose muscle mass from these restrictive diets.

What Diets Should You Use?

Like many things in life, the best diet is one that is simple and trusted. Eating healthier food and limiting your portions per day can help you lose weight and keep those pounds off for the long haul. 

Making sure that your daily diet includes antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and plenty of water can help you achieve your ideal weight, which is needed for a healthy life and a successful plastic surgery results and maintenance. 

While eating healthy foods (you know, the ones you learned about all those years ago in elementary school) can help you achieve a healthier weight, staying away from sugary foods and drinks, processed foods, and bad carbs can help you achieve the results you want to prepare your body for your procedure.

What Are Other Ways to Lose Weight Before Plastic Surgery?

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In addition to a healthy diet that provides you with the right nutrients, regular exercise is a must. Whether it be walking, cycling, swimming, or gym work, staying active means staying healthy. 

By listening to the tried and true method of diet and exercise, you can find yourself closer to your ideal weight and know that you can maintain your results for the rest of your life.

However, for prospective patients who are obese and need to lose extreme amounts of weight, bariatric surgery is an option. For men and women who lose significant weight with a bariatric procedure, Dr. Bonaldi offers post-weight loss surgery to help get rid of excess and sagging skin so that you can achieve the contoured and toned body aesthetic you’ve been looking for.

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