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Plastic Surgery Procedures After Massive Weight Loss Are Some of the Most Rewarding

Posted July 11, 2017 in Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Woman measuring shape of beautiful waist Losing a large amount of weight, whether through gastric bypass surgery or committed diet and exercise, is a major achievement. Unfortunately, anyone who has lost 100 pounds or more almost always has loose skin rather than the firm figure they may have envisioned. Here are just a few reasons why weight loss procedures are some of the most rewarding:

The Outside Reflects the Inside

After losing a significant amount of weight, you feel lighter, healthier, and stronger, but your outward appearance does not necessarily reflect how you feel on the inside. Pounds of excess skin add several inches to your waistline and all other parts of your body to disguise the healthy body beneath. Weight loss procedures after losing a significant amount of weight remove the excess skin to reveal the toned, healthy person you’ve constructed. Liposuction is also often combined with skin removal procedures to “fine tune” the curves and contours of the body for optimal results.

A New Lifestyle Is Easier to Manage

Excess skin is not only a cosmetic difficulty after weight loss, but it can also be a physical limitation. Patients who achieved massive weight loss have often adopted a more active lifestyle that may require jumping, running, and otherwise vigorous arm and leg movement. More than just a cosmetic difficulty, excess skin can cause painful rubbing and heaviness in the arms and legs that can impede even basic physical activity. Removing excess skin from the thighs or arms makes walking and virtually all sports and activities easier.

Many patients also often have excess skin on the abdomen that makes any type of rebounding difficult. Abdominoplasty eliminates the sagging skin and tightens the abdominal muscles for a more defined contour.

Everyone Can Notice Your Hard Work

Family and friends will notice that you’ve lost weight, but weight loss surgery will reveal your true final result to others. Your clothes will fit better, and you will feel more confident in swimsuits and tighter clothing. Dr. Bonaldi’s patients are always so thankful to be free of the burdensome excess skin that hides their hard-earned body.

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