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Vanquish ME Trio

Many people struggle with getting rid of stubborn excess body fat, but some may feel uneasy and even hesitant about undergoing surgery to achieve their body contouring goals. While some may be able to shed unwanted fat through diet and exercise, it is typical for patients with skin laxity and cellulite to have disappointing weight loss results. Dr. Louis A. Bonaldi offers a powerful, non-surgical team of body contouring technologies, called the “Vanquish ME Trio,” to destroy relentless fat, tighten sagging skin, and reduce cellulite.


  • Convenient, painless fat removal using thermal energy
  • Skin tightening using radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound treatment
  • Cellulite reduction and increased metabolic rate using soundwaves


Individuals who suffer from unwanted fat may be ideal candidates for “Vanquish ME Trio” treatment. It is important that patients are in good health, are realistic in their expectations, and do not have any serious medical conditions.

“Vanquish ME Trio” Technologies

During your consultation, Dr. Bonaldi will assess your condition and determine the most appropriate plan to achieve your body sculpting goals. Ideal candidates for “Vanquish ME Trio” treatment may benefit from one or more of the following technologies:

BTL Vanquish ME™

  • Provides circumferential body contouring
  • Shrinks and eliminates fat
  • Utilizes thermal energy
  • No risk of adipose hyperplasia or enlargement of targeted fat cells

BTL Exilis™

  • Corrects skin laxity
  • Sophistically delivers radiofrequency (RF) via EFC™ (Energy Flow Control)
  • Also utilizes ultrasound energy
  • Energy is monitored and appropriately adjusted throughout each session

Z Wave

  • Minimizes cellulite, breaks up fat, increases metabolic rate, promotes lymphatic drainage, and boosts blood circulation
  • Utilizes sound waves

Recovery and Results

There is no downtime after a “Vanquish ME Trio” session, and patients may resume normal daily activities immediately afterward. Some patients report mild tenderness at the treatment site, but it tends to disappear after 24 hours. Results begin to appear two to three weeks after the first or second session of “Vanquish ME Trio.” Most patients report seeing the final results within three to six months following treatment.